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Miami's History

Boarding Boarding

Friends Boarding Home

Local Friends, with the support of the Yearly Meeting, established the Friends Boarding Home in 1904. This became a place for elderly Friends and others in the community to spend their final years. It also served as a residence for single women who taught school in the community. In 1972, the Yearly Meeting opened the Quaker Heights Nursing Home to provide for a higher level of medical care for the elderly and disabled. More recently, an assisted living facility and independent living cottages were added to the Quaker Heights Care Community campus. The Boarding Home continued to serve the community in a number of ways including a home for mentally challenged adults.

In 2000, the Board of Trustees of Friends Home Inc. (Quaker Heights) leased the Boarding Home to the Waynesville Area Cultural Center. The Center focuses on Quaker heritage and history, and also serves as a center for local arts and entertainment. A number of Miami Monthly Meeting members serve on its board. The Miami Monthly Meeting Library is maintained at the Center.

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