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The Religious Society of Friends

169 S. Fourth Street
Waynesville, Ohio 45068

3611 E. Lower Springboro Rd.
Waynesville, OH 45068

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About Miami Monthly Meeting

Miami Monthly Meeting is a spiritual community of Friends (Quakers) in Waynesville, Ohio. Our worship is conducted in the Unprogrammed (Hicksite) tradition of Friends in the White Brick Meetinghouse. Built in 1811, it is the oldest house of worship in continuous use west of the Allegheny Mountains. Other programs and events, such as religious education and fellowship events, take place in that building as well as in the Red Brick Meetinghouse, located across the street from the White Brick Meetinghouse.

Miami Monthly Meeting holds Meeting for Worship every Sunday Morning at 10:45 am in the White Brick Meetinghouse in Waynesville. Adult First Day School (Sunday School) is conducted at 9:30 am, and a children's program is available as the need arises. The Meeting's active members continue their involvement on the Friends Home Board of Trustees, and they continue to witness to Friends' historical testimonies.

Do I faithfully attend meeting for worship with heart and mind prepared for worship, clear of any predetermination to speak or not to speak, and expecting that worship will be a source of strength and guidance?
Does worship deepen my relationship with God, increase my faithfulness, and refresh and renew my daily life, both inwardly and in my relationship with others?
Have I experienced in worship that direct leading to listen or to speak, and have I been faithful to my own experience?

Miami Monthly Meeting is affiliated with Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting.

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