New Titles September 2007

Many titles (underlined) have descriptive material including cover photos linked to them.
March 2007 listings.

April -- August 2007
But I Tell You: Jesus Introduces a Better Way to Live by Karen L. Oberst ISBN: 9781594980107. Price: $ 19.00 Barclay Press
The Diary of Joshua Whiting (1820-1909) Complied by Sarah Graham �9.50 ISBN 1 85072 318 4 Ebor Press (Sessions of York)
Encountering the Light by Martin Lynn
�5.00 ISBN 1 85072 362 2 Ebor Press (Sessions of York)
GETTING ROOTED: Living in the Cross A Path to Joy and Liberation by Brian Drayton $5.00
ISBN 978-0-87574-391-2 Pendle Hill Pamphlet 391
Heavenly Fire and Other Poems by Arthur O. Roberts ISBN: 9781594980114. Price: $ 12.00 Barclay Press
In God We Die by Warren Ostrom $5.00
ISBN: 087574-385-4 Pendle Hill Pamphlet 385
Living Our Faith The Bible And Friends Testimonies
147 PP. Looseleaf $25.00 Quaker Presss of FGC
Reflections from a Long Marriage
2006 Swarthmore Lecture
Author: Roger and Susan Sawtell ISBN: 0 85245 394 9 Price: �9.00 Britain Yearly Meeting
Special Education as a Spiritual Journey by �Michael Resman Price: $5.00 � Pendle Hill Pamphlet 390
William Penn et les quakers: Ils Inventeront le Nouveau Monde
by Jeanne Henriette Louis et Jean-Olivier Heron
ISBN 2-07-053096-5

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