In God We Die
In God We Die by Warren Ostrom $5.00
ISBN: 087574-385-4 Pendle Hill Pamphlet 385
In God We Die invites us to look with fresh eyes at the prospect of our own death and dying, reminding us that we can trust the Spirit with our lives and deaths.  Advances in the technologies and institutions of life preservation seem to take our lives out of God's hands, presenting choices with consequences we may not understand.  Opportunities or pressures to prolong our own survival and that of the people we care for sometimes lead us down paths contrary to our values and may deprive us of peaceful closure.  Author Warren Ostrom has worked closely with the aging and dying for over two decades.  He offers his deeply considered insights on the end of life, as well as his reflections on the role of spirituality in how we face death, and guidance for finding clarity in our choices about our own final path.