Where can I order Quaker books?
The following sources have the largest selections. The links take you to their sites.

  • Barclay Press serves the Friends Church through the publication of books, pamphlets, curriculum, and periodicals of interest to evangelical Friends.
  • Britain Yearly Meeting Quaker Bookshop has a large stock of Quaker books published in Britain and from around the world together with books on spirituality, liberal Christianity, social responsibility, conflict resolution and peace work.
  • Pendle Hill Bookstore carries a wide selection of Quaker-related titles, located at Pendle Hill, a Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation near Philadelphia.
  • QuakerBooks of FGC carries hundreds of titles of interest to Friends and seekers; FGC is a Quaker organization in the unprogrammed tradition of the Religious Society of Friends.
  • Quaker Book Service (No Web site)
    P 0 Box 4652, Station E
    Ottawa Ontario KIS 5H8 Canada
  • Quaker Hill Bookstore , The Friends United Meeting Bookstore is no longer in operation.