Getting Rooted
GETTING ROOTED: Living in the Cross A Path to Joy and Liberation by Brian Drayton $5.00
ISBN 978-0-87574-391-2 Pendle Hill Pamphlet 391
What does it really mean to absorb the learning that comes from our "roots" in Quakerism?� Are there ways of approaching our roots that have a greater�likelihood of bearing spiritual fruits?� Brian Drayton explores the idea of "rootedness" at multiple levels�as a metaphor, as a discipline, as a goal�in order to reveal the ways in which we may derive the most nourishment from the roots that we seek to rediscover, and more importantly, so that God's Spirit may flourish within us and through us.

Discussion questions included.

Brian Drayton of Weare (NH) Monthly Meeting is a plant ecologist working in science education research and a recorded minister in New England Yearly Meeting.� He has traveled extensively among Friends carrying a concern to encourage those who contribute to their meeting's ministry.� He has given workshops, retreats, and addresses on a range of topics in Quaker history and belief for monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings and for Pendle Hill.� In 1994 he published Selections from the Writings of James Nayler.� In 2003 he was one of the originators of the Quaker Peacebuilders Camp, a program for teaching nonviolent action based on Quaker spirituality.� His most recent book is On Living With a Concern for Gospel Ministry (Quaker Press, 2006).� This essay had its origins in a presentation to Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting.