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Member Responsibilities

QUIP is a cooperative organization with no staff. Members agree to participate in the work and worship of the group. If you want to become a member of QUIP, contribute to its work, or simply want information, please contact (or download a membership application from the link below):

Charles Martin, Co-Clerk, Inner Light Publishing, 54 Lapidge Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110, Phone 415-864-4117,email:

Elizabeth Cave, Co-Clerk 84 Avalon Road, London, W13 0BW, UK, phone +44 (0)20 8997 0753 , email elizcave_noxyzspam_onetel.com

For comments or questions, contact: charles_at_innerlightbooks.com

Individual Membership

While QUIP is primarily an organization of publishers and distributors, authors have also found it useful in order to take advantage of promotion on the web. If you are a one-person press, you should join as a press.

Membership Applications

Last changed: January 30, 2009