But I Tell You
But I Tell You: Jesus Introduces a Better Way to Live by Karen L. Oberst ISBN: 9781594980107. Price: $ 19.00 Barclay Press
You have heard that it was said...But I tell you.

The Sermon on the Mount is countercultural. Jesus knew his words on living as kingdom citizens presented a startling contrast to the religious mindset of his audience. �Love for enemies is radical. Living humbly before God and our fellow humans is radical. Making peace instead of war is radical. Forgiveness is radical. We are called to a new lifestyle that affects all our relationships�with God and with our fellow human beings,� says Karen L. Oberst. �It is 180 degrees from our success-oriented, in-your-face, bring-it-on, and if-you�re-rich-enough-you-can-do-as-you-please attitudes.�

If you�ve become so familiar with Jesus� classic sermon that this call to radical living is now an easily ignored hum in your ears, shift your perspective and rediscover the journey on the narrow path to which Jesus calls you. Oberst�s insights from the original Greek give illumination and depth to the words Jesus spoke in the Sermon on the Mount.

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