Reflections from a Long Marriage
Reflections from a Long Marriage
2006 Swarthmore Lecture
Author: Roger and Susan Sawtell
ISBN: 0 85245 394 9
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Roger and Susan Sawtell consider what they have learned from their experience of being together since 1957. Separation and divorce have become more frequent - but what about the positive aspects of contemporary marriage? The authors are concerned to identify the synergy to be found in a lifelong loving relationship, where the energy of the two people together is greater that what they have separately. As a couple, the Sawtells have been able to act as catalysts for change, applying their energy to ways of living in a residential Christian community, and working in co-operatives. Susan is a member of Northampton Quaker Meeting, while Roger can be described as an "inter-denominational Christian". As a natural ecumenical couple, they can throw light on the way partnerships work when the two have different religious affiliations.