Wish list

The work of Hlekweni currently depends on our many supporters, sponsors and donors for their contributions, enabling the Centre to continue to function in difficult times.

Below are some of our immediate and longer term needs, which we are working towards meeting. Please do let us know if you can assist with any of them.

Repairs & improvements for opening in 2010. Volunteer medical staff, clinic furnishings and equipment, medications and more.

Upgrading Accommodation
Hlekweni offers accommodation for course trainees, and for groups who want to hold conferences and meetings at our facilities.

We would like to upgrade some of our accommodation to serve this potentially valuable market better.

Training Sponsorships
Contributions to the cost of the training programme, either as sponsorship for individual trainees who would otherwise not be able to attend, or to enable us to offer courses at a more modest cost (50% less).

Communications Equipment
  • desktop & laptop computers
  • exhibition stand
  • portable overhead projector
  • meta board (for training purposes)
  • answerphone

Replacing Vehicles
Our vehicle fleet is falling apart! Not helped by the long gravel access road to our site, many of our aging fleet of vehicles are nearing the end of their useful working lives.

  • improving access road
  • kitchen renovations
  • on-site demonstration & medicinal nursery
  • paddock fence repairs
  • new rainwater tanks

Samathonga Primary School
  • a new toilet block
  • appropriate library books (4-14yr olds)
  • textbooks
  • arts & crafts equipment
  • sports equipment
  • grade zero (kindergarden) toys and supplies
  • cell phone and minutes

Training Equipment
  • sewing machines

Purchase of 100m2 drip kits
Three months after training and installation, a family in a dry area can feed itself for a cost of 400/US$650 more....

A few drip kits have been set aside for schools, but once these are exhausted funds need to be raised for more. Currently there is no funding for the cost of training, support and start-up packs (seed), costed at 55.

Site Maintenance & Facelift
Hlekweni needs a new coat of paint!

Many of the buildings are due maintenance, and we are gradually giving the site a facelift, by brightening them up and making use of thatch and Ndebele artwork.

Staff Training
  • computer training - Word, Excel
    for staff + 8 teachers
  • entrepreneurship and finance
    for all staff, 6 for advanced
  • conflict management (AVP)
    for all staff
  • health promotion
    for staff and community

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