Sustainable Techniques

Hlekweni has consistently provided support to rural livelihoods, geared towards helping people to understand and adapt to their environment.

Specific techniques can be useful but always need to be flexible, with scope for rural farmers to adapt and optimise them to their available resources and local environments. Organic systems are promoted. One key axiom of Hlekweni is that we should not advise anyone to do anything we have not done ourselves.

Contact Farmers

contact farmers Extension work in Matabeleland can be hampered by large distances and poor infrastructure.

To improve communications with large numbers of projects, we have established a system of intermediary Contact Farmers.

Drip Kits

drip kits In our dry environment, with unpredictable rainfall, water is often a limiting factor in crop production.

A system of gravity-fed drip-kits can can substantially increase crop yields, with a little investment and small inputs of precious water and labour more...

Grow Benches

grow benches The quality of soil significantly affects crop yields, but soil enrichment is hampered by nutrient leaching.

Grow benches provide a closed, manageable environment, where improved soils and moisture are easily conserved.

Vetiver Grass

vetiver grass Soil erosion is a problem in Matabeleland. Agriculture, overgrazing and deforestation have all reduced natural soil stabilisation mechanisms.

Vetiver grass provides a safe, useful and natural way of protecting the soil.

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