Products for sale

The Hlekweni Production Unit makes and repairs furniture, mainly for schools and hospitals, but also individuals and other institutions. Suitable equipment is produced for rural settings.

Prices are subject to change due to the frequent fluctuations in material costs we are currently experiencing - please contact the Production Unit for details. A deposit is required.

Gendarme Anaerobic Toilets

Hlekweni is partnering with Gendarme Sanitation Systems of Botswana to offer an advanced, cost-effective, anaerobic toilet. Gendarme toilets use natural anaerobic digestion to efficiently treat waste while eliminating enteric diseases, including cholera.


flat iron, pine

block board

teacher's table

Dual Desk+Bench

1 seat

2 seat

dual bench


flat iron, pine

4 seat+back

6 seat

popular chair




lab stool
Other items
computer stand


single & double beds

diamond fence-making machine

drip irrigation kit
covers 100m2

wood-fired bread oven

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