Plans for 2009

Despite the challenging social, political and economic environment, we plan to forge ahead with the support and help of all our friends and supporters. Guided by our Strategic Plan we intend to make progress on all fronts:

  • restore and maintain infrastructure (transformer, power lines, borehole pumps and motors, poles and pipes) damaged or stolen during the 2008 farm invasions
  • enhance the quality and quantity of vocational training
  • develop the outreach programmes
  • continue developing of the Alternatives to Violence Programme (AVP)
  • use and promote appropriate technology at the centre for a sustainable environment in which natural resources like water, fuel and energy are increasingly scarce
  • above all, demonstrate and promote the human values of integrity and compassion while striving for excellence in all that we do

The development of income generating activities is critical to maintaining our financial viability long term:

  • renting out housing on the property
  • letting accommodation for courses and conferences
  • making furniture mainly for schools and hospitals
  • selling produce from the farm, which is currently being built up
  • running short courses which help to subsidise longer courses
  • providing consultancy training services to other organisations

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