Suggestions for volunteer projects

Hlekweni has been fortunate with having many volunteer helpers who have supported the training centre, and helped build local skills.

Volunteer skills and assistance we now require include:

  • artist/metal worker. Using scrap materials, help our production unit to come up with ideas for sale items, to create some larger items for display on the site.
  • assistance obtaining new-ish vehicles (Japan Aid etc.)
  • assistance obtaining computers for the training department
  • mentoring in IT and computer skills
  • administration mentoring and practical support
  • setting up a toy bank
  • help developing the library for own and local school and tenant use
  • landscaping expertise
  • small-scale architecture projects - African orientation
  • strategic planning - facilitation and preparation skills
  • fundraising
  • permaculturist as temp. resource trainer and boost to existing programme
  • experienced fencer working with trainees to improve paddock security
  • training:
    • assistance with curriculum development and refinement of existing programmes
    • AVP trainer to assist with development of Alternatives to Violence Project - expected to start mid-2007 once funding is secured
    • learning and teaching trainer development
    • assistance with regional training accreditation issues
  • Clinic
    • assistance setting up service which will be managed by the Ministry of Health (URGENT)
    • assistance obtaining drugs and arranging regular supply
    • respected traditional healer with in depth understanding of modern medicine and practices (knowledge of local medicinal herbs essential)
    • HIV and Aids support programme
    • nurse
    • medical doctor and technician
  • gardening and helping to keep site attractive (esp. Nov-April)
  • sustainability audit and proposals
  • Set up and develop biofuel use
  • plumber with water recycling interest
  • general handyman - incl carpentry, painting and decorating, to assist trainers with specialised tasks
  • vegetarian cook to train staff and improve range of practical menus
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