Latest news : trainees from Mozambique

Hlekweni was proud to welcome our second group of trainees from Manicaland, central Mozambique. This group joins one trained in August, while a third group plans to train at Hlekweni in late September. Training was funded by the American Friends Service Committee.

The crash course (10 days) concentrates on:

  • bio-intensive vegetable growing with the use of drip-irrigation
  • cattle-management
Both sections involve hands on practical experience.

Training was conducted in Shona as few of this group spoke English or Ndebele, and our trainers did not know Portuguese. The course has been well received, and a follow-up will take place in Manicaland (Mozambique) in March 2005.

learning about soil types with our Training Manager, Phillemon Chirimambowa

Entertainments during graduation:

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