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UK Quakers return to Hlekweni

January/February 2009

Three UK volunteers spent a month at Hlekweni. Hazel Morris was returning for the third time, and continued her art projects with classes at Samathonga school, helping children learn the pleasures of drawing, painting, sewing finger puppets and creating colourful wall murals with the artwork.

Hazel's art class and completed projects

Maggie Coats did more teaching and learning seminars with Hlekweni staff, focussing on assessment, and worked on the curriculum frameworks ready for accreditation, particularly with new staff. She also helped with the temporary arrangements for secondary school students whilst their schools were on strike, teaching English and Mathematics, and giving one to one and small group support to Hlekweni staff and trainees.

Maggie provides supplementary instruction for
secondary school students whose teachers are on strike

Lee Taylor returned this time as clerk to the Trustees of Friends of Hlekweni, UK, and worked with David Jobson on various management activities, including the preparation of Annual Reports, audit arrangements and the introduction of a staff appraisal scheme. She attended a Board meeting, and amassed information, including photos, for donors in the UK. Lee did two seminars for staff on evaluation and on appraisal.

Lee and Mrs. Musa

Hazel, with Lee, started Playtime for the children of the Hlekweni community, who have little access to toys or craft activities. Playtime was held every day for an hour in the afternoon, with a mix of group games and songs and individual free play with the toys in the Toy Library supplied by Hazel, Lee and other gifts. Playtime is continuing with two Hlekweni play leaders, thanks to funding brought by Hazel. Numbers range from 35-55 children from two to fifteen.

Hazel leads Playtime with Samathonga Students

All three had the opportunity to visit (and be impressed by) the extension programme in Gwanda, and Maggie and Lee also went to Kezi.

A Contact Farmer and her crops in Kezi

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