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Alternatives to Violence Program begins at Hlekweni

December 2008

The Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) has arrived at Hlekweni. Six days of training were carried out in June with 26 staff members taking part and 7 staff and two board members completing the advanced facilitator training. We will then plan with them how to extend the programme in Matabeleland and Bulawayo.

In September, Shingirai Madaka and Sipho Nsimbi attended the one week AVP International Gathering 2008 in Kenya and are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to take AVP forward.

AVP participants, June 2008

A full calendar of AVP activities are planned for 2009, positioning Hlekweni to become a regional centre for AVP.

AVP Advanced Workshop - Sharing on Sculptures

Funding was guaranteed by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and organised by Phaphama Initiatives (JHB) with facilitation assistance from a partner organisation in Harare.

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