September 2006 Titles

Many titles (underlined) have descriptive material including cover photos linked to them.
March 2006 Listings

July-September 2006
The Little Quaker Book of Weight Loss by Ellie Caldwell 2006, 53 pp pamphlet: Publisher: Ellie Caldwell [email protected]
April-June 2006
About Aboriginal Soveignty sending a message seeking new pathways by Waratah Rose Gillespie AU$6.50 Australia YM Quaker Indigenous Concerns Committee
Answering Terror Responses To War And Peace after 9/11/2001 Edited by Sharon HooverD. 2006 223 PP. Paper ISBN 0-9779511-0-3 $24.95 Friends Journal
Answering the Call to Heal the World Patience A. Schenck $4.00 ISBN: 087574-383-8 Pamphlet #383 Pendle Hill
At Home With Friends A History of Friends Homes in Greensboro, NC, The First Fifty Years by David O. Stanfield North Carolina Yearly Meeting
Compassion The Painful Privilege by Dan Nolta Paper, 106 pages. $12.00 ISBN: 1594980047 Barclay Press
Foundations for Membership in a Friends Meeting North Carolina Yearly Meeting
One Heart and a Wrong Spirit: The Religious Society of Friends and Colonial Racism 2006 Backhouse Lecture by Polly Walker AU$11.00 CD-ROM AU$22.00 Australia Yearly Meeting
On Living With A Concern For Gospel Ministry Brian Drayton 2005 Paper ISBN 978-1-888305-38-8 $19.95 Quaker Press of FGC
Opening The Scriptures Bible Lessons From The 2005 Annual Gathering Of Friends BY TOM GATES 2005 64 PP. Paper $9.95 ISBN 13: 978-1-888305-39-5 Quaker Press of FGC
Owning The Lord's Prayer By Paul Buckley 2005 27 PP. Paper $2.00 Buckley
The Quaker Bible Reader Edited by Paul Buckley and Stephen Angell 2006 310 PP. Paper $19.95 Earlham School of Religion
Report from the Middle: Reflections on Divisions Among Friends Today two essays by Doug Gwn foreword by Elizabeth Cazden Beacon Hill Friends House
Seeking Truth in Public Policy: A Quaker Perspective 2006 Weed Lecture by Joe Volk, introduction by Ann Levinger Beacon Hill Friends House
Tanks and Trolleys: Why Economic Policies Matter in Security Thinking Allison Prout 62 pp 5.00 ISBN 0 85245 395 7 Quaker Books (UK)
Wider Visions Photographs by Mike Hoyle, Words from Quaker Experience 10 ISBN 085245387-6 Quaker Books (UK)
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