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Crabtree, Jack. Better Safe than Sued. Group Publishing, Loveland, CO,1998.
       - Everything you never thought of with respect to child/ youth safety. Hazards around every corner! But a good wake up call for those who seem naive.

Melton, Joy Thornburg. Safe Sanctuaries for Youth: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in Youth Ministries. Discipleship Resources, Nashville, TN, 2003. http://www.discipleshipresources.org.
       - more directed at Middle School and High School programming.

Glazer, Daphne. Trust and Trespass: Quaker Meetings and Sex Offenders. Britain Yearly Meeting, 2004.
       - this book addresses safety, trust, and forgiveness for Friends.

Quaker Home Service, Britain Yearly Meeting. Meeting Safety. 2001.
       - While the language and specific legal details in this booklet are particular to the UK, the queries and examples are from a Quaker perspective, making this resource valuable even in the US.

Friends General Conference, Letter to prospective youth workers, 2006.

Friends General Conference, Draft-Child Safety Procedures in the Event of Child Endangerment, 2006.

Friends General Conference, Gathering Policy And Procedures On Harassment, 2005.

Gunpowder Friends Meeting, Sparks, Maryland. Child Safety Policy Approved 12/18/2005. Available on request from the meeting.

(Missed some updates in between here.)


Link to Hoffman, Janet. "Eros and the Life of the Spirit." at http://flgbtqc.quaker.org/Each_Us_Inev/EOUI-Hoffman.PDF.

Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns (FLGBTQC). Each of Us Inevitable: Some Keynote Addresses, Given at Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns and Friends General Conference Gatherings, 1977–1993, 2003, at http://flgbtqc.quaker.org/eachofus.html.

Jorgenson, Christel. "Child Safety" in FGC REsource, Friends General Conference (FGC), Autumn 2004, Issue 8. http://fgcquaker.org/religious-ed/re-newsletter-08-fall04.html

Canadian Yearly Meeting Personnel Committee, Policy on Sexual Harassment at http://www.fgcquaker.org/library/fosteringmeetings/0304.html.

Rochester MM (NY), Minute on Dealing with a Child Abuser in the Meeting Community, 5/14/1995, at http://www.fgcquaker.org/library/fosteringmeetings/0305.html


Various items on the Minutes page, including links to FGC, BYM, and NEYM minutes regarding sexual orientation, and links to collections of minutes on sexual orientation issues.

Link to New England Yearly Meeting Ministry and Counsel. Living with Oneself and Others, especially Chapter 2, Human Sexuality. 1/2001, pp. 5-12. http://www.neym.org/lwoo.pdf (186K for full document)


Calvi, John. "Quakers, Sexuality, and Spirituality" in Friends Journal, 6/2004, Vol. 50, No. 6, p. 16. (reference only, not the article itself)/


Watson, Elizabeth. Sexuality: a Part of Wholeness. Pamphlet. Family Relations Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1982, reprinted 1990; reprinted 2001 by Care and Counsel for Meetings and Members, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. in Acrobat (pdf) format
       - highly recommended.


Towards a Quaker View of Sex: An Essay by a Group of Friends. Quaker Home Service, London, 1963, revised 1964. Excerpts are available at http://www.worldpolicy.org/globalrights/sexorient/quaker.html

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