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What People Have Done or Could Do

What are you led to do? This list began when participants in Sexuality: Our Continuing Search, a workshop led by Peggy Brick at the 2001 Gathering of Friends General Conference. The list is evolving as our network evolves. If you would like to suggest any additions or revisions to this list, please send them to the webservant.

  1. Provide Resources:
  2. Network with others who share the concern
    • Friends Committee on Unity with Nature
  3. Nurture each other
    • Provide more meaningful clearness and oversight for married & committed couples
    • Couples enrichment workshops to help enhance communication & relationship skills
    • Examine atmosphere / guidelines of high school and other gatherings re: sexuality behavior & education
    • Develop supportive options for women who may want to give their babies up for adoption
    • Support for victims and those who are intimate with sexual victims
  4. Sexuality education:
    • First day school
    • High school
    • K-12, esp. in Friends schools
    • Develop Quaker curriculum or use OWL curriculum
    • Involve parents to come & learn
    • Volunteer to teach sexuality
  5. Lead Discussions:
    • Traveling ministry
    • Adult forums
    • Women's groups
      • Menopause discussions leading to discussion of sexuality
    • Men's groups
    • ...on specific pamphlets, books, or films
      • Elizabeth Watson's Sexuality: a Part of Wholeness
      • Sex in Europe video
      • The Red Tent
    • ...at Quarterly and Yearly Meetings to get critical mass, if needed
    • Let kids present a discussion
    • Use queries to introduce the topic or lead worship sharings
  6. Offer workshops and conferences
    • ... at the Friends General Conference gathering
    • ... at Pendle Hill workshop & and at other Quaker centers,
    • ... at Friends Council on Education?
    • ... for high school groups
    • ... on menopause/ mid-life for women
    • ... on sexuality for 50+
    • Train trainers
  7. Writing:
    • Update Living with Oneself & Others, esp. Sexuality chapter; share it with meetings that don't have it
    • Article for Friends Journal, or even dedicated issue
    • Write epistles from a gathering as way opens
  8. Propose minutes to meetings
  9. Propose revisions to your Faith & Practice
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