Turquoise Mountain
Turquoise Mountain A new story by Teddy Milne $15.95 Pittenbruach Press
Turquoise Mountain is sacred to the Navajo, but Win North, brought up by his Anglo father, knew it only as Mt. Taylor until he began getting to know his mother's Navajo relatives. Win has just been let out on parole from prison, where he has been for 15 years for a murder he didn't commit, and he has plenty of problems to face - one of theni finding the real killer and clearing his name. Also, can he win back his ex-wife, and get to know their son? Come to grips with his Navajo heritage? Find a job, a place to live, friendship, love? If you like Hillerman, you'll love 'Turquoise Mountain. Wouldn't you like to own a book by a friend?