Stepping in the Light
Stepping in the Light: Life in Joy and Power Howard Macy Friends United Press Paperback $20.00 retail ISBN 9780944350690

Stepping in the Light: Life in Joy and Power gathers together Howard R. Macy's articles written for Quaker Life magazine from 1979-2006. His gift of prophetic insights touched with authentic humor is a must read! This book is perfect for individual enjoyment and reflection as well as group contemplation and study. It includes a study guide for fourteen sessions. Stepping in the Light is showcased as the first book in the “Let's Be Friends” series-collections of previously published articles by a specific author or on a general subject.

What are “Quaker Mush,” “Sacramental Breakdowns,” and “Publishers of Fluff?” Why does Macy call God a “cosmic spy?” Read Stepping in the Light to find out.

Howard Macy is currently Professor of Religion and Biblical Studies at George Fox University. He taught previously at Earlham College and Friends University. He has traveled widely, especially among Friends, speaking and teaching at yearly meeting sessions, pastor's conferences and other retreat settings in a wide variety of yearly meetings. He served in pastoral ministry at Smith Neck Friends Meeting and Reedwood Friends Church, as well as in Youth and Christian Education service in the yearly meeting offices of Northwest Yearly Meeting and Indiana Yearly Meeting. He was first recorded in the Friends ministry while serving in New England and is now a recorded minister in Northwest Yearly Meeting. He is a member of Newberg Friends Church.

The Macys became Quakers about 300 years ago on Nantucket Island, along with the Starbucks, Coffins and lots of other folks. Thus, Howard is a DNA Quaker - you know, with the tiny hat hanging at the end of his chromosomes. He grew up in a Quaker minister's home and became a “convinced Friend” during his college years at George Fox College (now University). After receiving his Bachelor's degree from George Fox, he went on to receive his M.A. from Earlham School of Religion and his Ph.D. from Harvard University.

Howard and his wife Margi are the parents of two adult children, Nate and Hannah, both married, and grandparents of three grandchildren, certified by an independent lab as the finest children and grandchildren in the country. Howard enjoys music, photography and birding. He also enjoys growing roses, which is far easier in Newberg, Oregon than it is in Kansas.

Among the Quakers he acknowledges as mentors and friends are: Arthur Roberts, Jack Willcuts, Milo Ross, Elton Trueblood, Wilmer Cooper, Hal Cope, Richard Foster, Paul Anderson, Jan Wood, Tom Mullen, John Punshon, David Wetherell, and the list goes on and on. Howard claims blessings beyond measure in this regard.

Howard is the author of The Shalom of God, Rhythms of the Inner Life: Yearning for Closeness with God, Laughing Pilgrims: Humor and the Spiritual Journey, and Red Nose Training Manual. He wrote the Introduction to the revised edition of Thomas Kelly's The Eternal Promise, as well as an Introduction and commentary on the Psalms in the Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible. He has also written articles in various magazines and journals.