Discovering God as Companion
Discovering God as Companion: Real Life Stories from What Canst Thou Say? Mariellen Gilpin, Editor Published by AuthorHouse, Bloomington IN, $15.45, 172 pages
Sixty-five modern day Quakers share their stories of spiritual openings and of God's grace in their lives. These stories tell of finding Divine presence and guidance in situations as ordinary as brushing teeth, as awe inspiring as a desert sunset, or as frightening as critical illness or sexual abuse. Share the joy of discovery with these authors, all of them ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences. To read these stories is to see a world of wondrous possibility. What do Friends say about Discovering God as Companion? “In a context in which an intimate interactive relationship with God is not always highly valued, understood, or actively nurtured, and whose importance as the root of social action is sometimes overlooked, this book witnesses to the action of God in the lives of Friends today, and their response to it. Mysticism at work.”
—Frances Taber, Ohio

“The stories range all over the human condition and encompass such a broad variety of people’s experience of God that when one needs to read the words of another human being wrestling with an experience similar to one’s own—it is possible to find it among the many stories. All of us have so much of the world in our lives, dragging us away from faith, that this kind of book is what we need.”
—Rita Varley, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Library

“I feel humbled and honored to have my piece included among all the other articles in this anthology. What Canst Thou Say? consistently offers readers stimulating, intelligent and spiritually nourishing works. I have deep appreciation for all the writers, for their willingness to allow us to reflect and learn from their experiences.”
—Carol Roth, New Jersey

“What Canst Thou Say? is led by the Holy Spirit.”
—Priscilla Makhino, Kenya

“Discovering God as Companion is a fine accomplishment after a decade of devotion.”
—Carmen Bruce, Pennsylvania