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1) Home Page: Table of contents and a description our group

2) Book: About a book being used to raise money for Afghan Relief

3) Photos: A gallery of photographs of Afghanistan and its people

4) Guide: About the Study Guide for Afghanistan

5) Projects: A wish list of Afghan projects for individuals or groups

6) Aid Groups: International and Afghan humanitarian aid groups

7) Quakers: Quaker individuals and groups doing Afghan projects

8) Links: Useful links to other Afghan related websites

9) About Us: Biographical sketches of some of our members

10) Contact: How to get in touch with us




Goals, Objectives, Specific Activities, and History



1) To help the Afghan people in their search for peaceful alternatives to the violence in their country.

2) To help the Afghan people work for the recovery and development of Afghanistan

3) To present Afghanistan and its people to Americans, putting a human face on people with whom we are in conflict.

4) To keep the attention of Americans on Afghanistan after the media frenzy moves elsewhere.

5) To pursue these goals in a manner consistent with the traditions of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).



1) Gather information that furthers these goals and make it widely available.

2) Find people who will work on Afghan projects and help them do so.

3) Raise funds to help carry out these projects.


Specific Activities:

1) Maintain this website with its lists of projects and organizations and its Study Guide for Afghanistan.

2) Maintain the Afghanistan Discussion Group at www.philapeace.org.

3) Market our book for the purpose of raising funds for the Afghan Relief Fund of the American Friends Service Committee (www.afsc.org).

4) Plan and lead discussions and workshops that further the objectives of FAC.

5) Place public announcements about FAC.

6) Hold periodic meetings of people involved with FAC to improve the organization and functioning of our group.



The organization started in April, 2002 with the opening of this website and the formation of an Afghanistan Discussion Group on the Philapeace website (www.philapeace.org). Our organization will be formalized (somewhat) at the meeting of an Interest Group that is planned for the 2002 Friends General Conference Gathering (Normal IL, Tuesday July 2, 7:00 PM - 8:45 PM.)

Please click on About Us to find out more about the people involved in FAC.

We would like to hear from you; click on Contact to send us a message. Please consider joining this effort.


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