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CONTENTS (click on the topic to go there):


(a) Art

(b) Current Conditions

(c) History and Culture

(d) Military

(e) Travel

(f) Women







(a) Art


Auboyer, Jeannine (1968). The Art of Afghanistan. Feltham, Middlesex, Great Britain: Hamlyn Publishing Group (mostly photos and captions; seems extensive)

Rowland, Benjamin, Jr. (1976). Ancient Art from Afghanistan: Treasures of the Kabul Museum. NY:Arno Press/Ayer Company Publishers


(b) Current Conditions


Center for Economic and Social Rights (2002). Afghanistan Fact Sheets #1, #2, and #3. Brooklyn, NY: (author) (available at web site:

Cooley, John K. (2000). Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism (rev. ed.). Sterling, VA: Pluto Press (gives the CIA involvemen; good exposé)

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Rashid, Ahmed (2000). Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia. New Haven, CN: Yale University Press Press (experienced correspondent; well recommended)


(c) History and Culture


The Afghanistan Studies Journal, Vol #1 to Vol. #5 (1988-1997). Center for Afghan Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha (see

Anderson, Ewan W. & Nancy Hatch Dupree (1990). The Cultural Basis of Afghan Nationalism. NY: St. Martin’s Press

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(d) Military


Bonner, Arthur (1987). Among the Afghans. Durham, NC: Duke University Press (NYT war correspondent, 1985-87)

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Yermakov, Oleg (1991). Afghan Tales: Stories from Russia’s Vietnam. Translated by Marc Romano. NY: William Morrow


(e) Travel


Chaffetz, David (1981). A Journey Through Afghanistan: A Memorial. Chicago: Regnery Gateway (informal but detailed description of life in the northern part of the country)

Cresson, Os (2002). We Felt Their Kindliness: An American Family’s Afghan Odyssey (1949-1951). Haddonfield NJ: Emerald Pademelon Press (being sent to donors to AFSC’s Afghan Relief Fund, for more information click here)

Dehghani, Yavar (2001). Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook. Footscray, Australia: Lonely Planet (compact; everything the traveler would need in Iran but remains to be seen how well it applies to Dari, the Persian spoken in Afghanistan)

Klass, Rosanne (1964). Land of the High Flags: A Travel-Memoir of Afghanistan. NY: Random House (she taught in Darul Mo’Allamein 1951-1954; later did book on current political situation (see above); gives daily events in her life)

Girardet, Edward & Jonathan Walter (1998). Afghanistan (Essential Field Guides to Humanitarian and Conflict Zones). Geneva: International Center for Humanitarian Reporting (a useful, fairly new guidebook)

Mayhew, Bradley, Richard Plunkett, & Simon Richmond (1996, 2000). Central Asia. Footscray, Australia: Lonely Planet (has a nine-page chapter on Afghanistan)

Michaud, Roland & Sabrina Michaud (1978). Caravans to Tartary. NY: Viking Press (many beautiful color pictures; useful introduction; brief captions; gives a good sense of the country; describes the same caravan trip as the children’s book, Caravans, by Lawrence McKay, Jr.)

Michaud, Roland and Sabrina (1980). Afghanistan: Paradise Lost. NY: Vendome Press (many beautiful color pictures; useful introduction; brief captions; gives a good sense of the country)

Newby, Eric (1958, 1998). A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush. Footscray, Australia: Lonely Planet (limited to Nuristan; said to be a classic; preface by Evelyn Waugh)

Rudelson, Justin Jon (1998). Central Asia Phrasebook. Footscray, Australia: Lonely Planet (covers Uyghur, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Pashto, Tajik, and briefly 10 other languages)

Stark, Freya (1970). The Minaret of Djam: An Excusion in Afghanistan. London: John Murray (gives details of the experiences of a woman traveling in Afghanistan)

Toynbee, Arnold J. (1961). Between Oxus and Jumna. NY: Oxford University Press (good descriptions of places where historical events occurred; not much on people and customs)


(f) Women


Doubleday, Veronica (1988). Three Women of Herat. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press (the author formed special friendships with three women and describes them sensitively)

Grima, Benedicte (1992). Performance of Emotion Among Paxtun Women (Modern Middle East, No. 17) Austin: University of Texas Press (compares the women’s Pashtun culture with the more widely reported men’s; the author was there; said to be good anthropology study)

Latifa, with Shekeba Hachemi (2002). My Forbidden Face, Growing Up Under the Taliban: A Young Woman’s Story. NY: Talk Miramax Books/Hyperion 

Zoya, with John Follain & Rita Cristofari (2002). Zoya’s Story: An Afghan Woman’s Struggle for Freedom. NY: William Morrow




Michener, James A. (1963). Caravans. NY: Random House (quite accurate)

Shah, Safia (Ed.) (1990). Afghan Caravan. London: Octagon Press (good resource on Afghan folktales; some nonfiction such as memoirs, cooking, etc.)




Ali, Sharifah Enayat (1995). Afghanistan (Cultures of the World Series). NY: Marshall Cavendish (medium complexity; a lot of good color pictures)

Clifford, Mary Louise (1989). The Land and People of Afghanistan (Portraits of the Nations Series). NY: J. B. Lippincott (complete; high grade level; black & white)

Cruit, Bette J. (1968). The Land of the Afghans: A Book for Children (Big and Little). Kabul: Education Press (good but hard to obtain)

Foster, Leila Merrell (1996). Afghanistan (Enchantment of the World Series). NY: Children’s Press (simpler; a lot of good color pictures)

Lerner Publications, Department of Geography Staff (Ed.) (1997). Afghanistan in Pictures (Visual Geography Series). Minneapolis: (author) (complete; medium complexity; a lot of good color pictures)

Spiegelman, Judith M. (1969). Shaer of Afghanistan. NY: Julian Messner/Simon & Schuster (excellent day-in-the-life; medium complexity; many black & white pictures)




Ellis, Deborah (2001). The Breadwinner. Toronto: Douglas McIntyre (set in Kabul under the Taliban; realistic depiction of violence)

Khan, Rukhsana (1998). The Roses in My Carpets. NY: Holiday House (lots of drawings and few words; set in an Afghan refugee camp; realistic depiction of violence)

McKay, Lawrence, Jr. (1995). Caravan. NY: Lee & Low Books (a boy’s first winter caravan trip to market in the far northeast of Afghanistan; see Michaud & Michaud, 1978)

Shah, Amina (1982). Tales of Afghanistan. London: Octagon Press (authentic Afghan children’s folk tales)







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