On this page is a wish list of 25 projects that individuals or groups can work on.  Later we will add information about who is working on them and how you can get involved.  If you are interested in participating, please contact us.


1)  ADOPTION OF AFGHAN CHILDREN: find and support a program that finds homes for Afghan orphans.

2)  AFGHAN HISTORY AND CULTURE: including food, clothing, art, music, literature….

3)  AFGHANS IN OUR AREA: support Afghans living near us.

4)  AID ORGANIZATIONS: make a list of the US, international and Afghan organizations that are working in Afghanistan, what they are doing and how to contact them. [click here]

5)  BIBLIOGRAPHY: find out what is available in different categories: adult and child; fiction and nonfiction; periodicals; videos; websites. [click here]

6)  BICYCLE AND WHEELCHAIR REPAIR: this was a useful project in Nicaragua after the war there.

7)  BOOK: help market Os Cresson’s book on Afghanistan that will be used to raise funds for AFSC Afghan relief programs; it is due out in June. [click here]

8)  COALITION WITH OTHER LOCAL GROUPS INTERESTED IN AFGHANISTAN: these projects as opportunity to develop an awareness of the basic commonality of all people.

9)  CRAFTS: support work that an Afghan family can do at home or in workshops.

10) FUNDRAINSING: for one or more specific projects or for an aid organization in general.

11) ISLAM: learn more about this religion; visit local Islamic centers.

12) LANDMINES: adopt a minefield near a school or project we are working on.

13) LITERACY IN AFGHANISTAN: survey what projects are underway; consider ways to support one of them.

14) LOBBYING: for appropriate US legislation.

15) PEN PALS: with Afghan and American students and adults.

16) PERSIAN: study the language (Dari, a Persian dialect, is spoken in much of Afghanistan); classes are given at Penn and home instruction materials are available.

17) PROFESSIONALS: contact between professionals here and in Afghanistan. [see PEN PALS, above]

18) PROSTHETICS: help supply them to handicapped Afghans.

19) SCHOOLS IN AFGHANISTAN: the project would depends on their needs; could be contact with students, teachers and/or parents; translation would have to be done at that end; supplies would probably be bought there but under some circumstances shipping from here is not out of the question. 

20) SCHOOLS IN OUR AREA: speaking to them about Afghanistan; work with students on projects.

21) SCHOOLS’ PEACE EDUCATION CURRICULA: survey what is being done there and here; get samples of curricula; seek ways to make this available in Afghan schools.

22) SCHOOL-TO-SCHOOL RELATIONSHIPS: help pair up schools; this would require a procedure for gradually building the relationship and criteria for selecting schools that begin the process.

23) SPEAKERS: giving talks in local schools and churches (FAC can provide the materials necessary); inviting speakers to come and inform us about Afghanistan.

24) STUDY GUIDE: everything one would need to put together a curriculum unit on Afghanistan. [click here]

25) WEBSITE: using the FAC website to coordinate work on these projects.






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