Quaker Voluntary Service


Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) is a fellowship opportunity for young adult Friends and spiritual seekers to integrate their spirituality and vocation while being supported in developing their passion and purpose. QVS partners with local Friends in five cities across the United States and across the theological spectrum of the Religious Society of Friends.

This year, there are 36 young adults serving as QVS Fellows. In Boston, Mass., one Fellow serves as a medical escort, accompanying aging adults to medical appointments and advocating for their care. In Atlanta, Ga., another Fellow works on a project aiming for the release of incarcerated survivors of abuse. And, in Portland, Ore., a third Fellow is developing a peace writing scholarship project while engaging in state‐wide climate lobbying work. This work complements the Fellows’ experience living in community, as they practice spiritual reflection, conflict transformation, sabbath and spaciousness, and equity and identity work.

As of this summer, nearly 200 young adult alumni will have gone through the QVS program since opening the first house in 2012.