Quaker Council for European Affairs


“The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) works to bring a vision based on the Quaker commitment to peace, justice and equality to Europe and its institutions. We seek to build support for humane, non-military policies at the EU level, both inside and outside its borders. We do so in the spirit of peaceful cooperation which forms the foundation of European politics. We have been based in Brussels’ European Quarter since our foundation in 1979.” Learn more at Quaker Council for European Affairs.

Through its advocacy work in 2019, Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) continued to make the case for humane, sustainable peace and human rights policies in Europe.

One of the priorities of QCEA’s human rights program has been to address challenges to the fundamental rights of people on the move in Europe, particularly in the context of violent treatment by police and security forces. This work led to the publication of Framing Human Policing, a booklet that explores the issue and calls upon Europe’s police services to uphold the rights of all people they interact with. The report has been translated into multiple languages, including Croatian to respond directly to the particular problem of violent policing in the Balkans.

QCEA’s peace program has begun a research partnership with Newcastle University in the UK on the importance of inclusive peacebuilding, with an emphasis on gender‐sensitive conflict resolution approaches. Several months were spent interviewing numerous key stakeholders with a goal to create a video series and accompanying report, which will inform future advocacy aimed at shifting prevailing narratives about peace and security.

QCEA continues to organize events that bring together Europe’s Quaker community and equip Friends with a greater understanding of how European policy making influences the issues that matter to them.