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Jonathan W. Plummer Lectures

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Yearly Meeting Minutes Among Friends
Faith and Practice

2007: Margaret Katranides, Knowing and Not Knowing

2006: David Rutschman, Honrar la Vida

2005: Clance Wilson, This is My Father's World

2004: Janet Means Underhill, The Mystery Of It All: I Give Thanks

2003: Chris Jocius, Friends and Strangers: A Time of Gifts

2002: Roxy Jacobs, And grace will lead me home

2001: Marlou Carlson, Seek Ye First The Kingdom

2000: Katherine Trezevant, Hearing and Giving Voice to the Spirit

1999: Paul Schobernd, When You Dance With God, Guess Who Leads?

1998: Maurine Pyle, Follow Me

1997: Marti Matthews, As If We Are Perfectly Safe: on Fear, Faith and Destiny

1996: Tom Stabnicki, I Saw It Shine Through All

1995: Judy Gottlieb, Flow Afresh In Me

1994: Pat Wixom, Awakening To The Life Within

1993: Blanche V. Frey, Ruminations On Faith

1992: Bill Howenstine, Loving the Universe

1991: Eldora Spiegelberg, Walk Cheerfully Over All The Earth

1990: Mary Fyfe, Creativity and Spirituality

1989: Carolyn Wilbur Treadway, Healing Our Inner Violence

1988: Richard Boyajian, Where Have I Come From? Where Am I Going?

1987: Franky Day, Leadings and Pushings

1986: David Hadley Finke, Angels Watching Over Me

1985: Agnita Wright Dupree, Widening The Circle

1984: James L. Garretson, First The Kingdom

1983: Robert L. Wixom, Seeing Together -- The Seen And The Unseen

1982: Betty Clegg, The Eloquence Of Silence

1981: Flora McKinney, Lest Ye Become

1980: Richard B. Haworth, Together

1979: Rebecca Caudill, From Hardshell Baptist To Quaker

1978: William O. Brown, Transcendence In The Pursuit Of Wholeness

1977: Robert Clark, The Most Exciting Adventure

1976: Alice Walton, Quaker Saints And Other Ordinary People

1975: Kale Williams, Great Tides Of Human Yearning

1974: Royal Buscombe, A Little Lower Than the Angels

1973: Helen Jean Nelson, Let There Be Light

1972: Dorothy Nash (not published)

1971: Elizabeth Watson, You, Neighbor God (700k PDF)

1970: Thomas Forsythe, Loving Reason

1969: Lucretia M. Franklin, Reflections

1968: Doris Peters, As the Way Opens: An Experience of Faith

1967: Orval Lucier, The Seed and Society

1966: Francis Hole, When God First Begins to Taste Sweet (not published)

1965: Rachel Fort Weller, Contemplation in a Twentieth Century World of Action

1964: Gilbert F. White, Sharing the Earth's Riches

1963: Sylvia Shaw Judson, Universal or Particular?

1962: Robert Oakes Byrd, A New Heaven and a New Earth

1961: Mulford Sibley, Conscience, Casuistry, and Quakerism

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