Friends United Meeting

Friends United Meeting. . .has the majority of its membership in pastoral meetings. . .which maintain much of the evangelistic zeal and missionary concern of the early Quaker movement and are closer to mainstream Protestantism than are the meetings of Friends General Conference. FUM now includes yearly meetings, comprising over half the world’s Friends, and encompassing in its fellowship the large number of Friends in East Africa. . . A number of yearly meetings maintain an association with both Friends General Conference and Friends United Meeting. [Glossary Page]

The 37 yearly meetings and associations that comprise Friends United Meeting (FUM) engage in a broad range of Christian Quaker ministries on four continents.

In December, over 850 Friends gathered for the ninth African Friends Pastors Conference in Mwanza, Tanzania. The Quaker movement continues to grow rapidly in Tanzania, Uganda, and in several of the desert regions in Kenya. Turkana Friends Mission in Kenya is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year.

FUM has appointed Nikki Holland to serve as the director of Belize Friends Ministries. Belize Friends Church continues to grow, with more than half of its membership being teens and young adults from the troubled neighborhoods of Belize City. Oscar Mmbali, a Kenyan pastor, continues to serve as the pastor of Belize Friends.

Ramallah Friends School celebrated its 150th anniversary, and continues to provide a strong values‐based Quaker education in the midst of a very troubled context. The Amari Play Center, a Quaker program working with preschoolers in a Palestinian refugee camp, was closed down in 2019.

FUM’s online bookstore has a new agreement with Britain Yearly Meeting’s Quaker Books publishing arm that allows FUM to be a direct distributor of BYM’s publications, and vice versa.

In July, FUM will partner with the United Society of Friends Women International and Quaker Men International to hold an historic joint triennial conference in Kisumu, Kenya.