Friends House Moscow

“Friends House Moscow works to promote peace and a just, fair and caring society, and help underprivileged groups and individuals, in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.  [They] also tell Russian-speaking people about Quakers, who [they] are and what [they] do.”

Friends House Moscow continues to support Alternativshchik, a publication in Russia for conscientious objectors that provides information on alternatives to military service and pacifist materials.

After many years as a printed newspaper, Alternativshchik migrated to electronic format in late 2019. The new website was built with financial and technical help from Friends House Moscow; in addition to current information for conscientious objectors, it also contains an archive of all the past print issues. This change was particularly timely since a law recognizing alternative service came into force in 2004, and since that time, more and more young Russian men are becoming interested in alternative service. There are now more applications to perform alternative service than there are places available.