Silver Wattle Quaker Centre

“Silver Wattle is a Quaker [retreat and learning] Centre promoting social and religious education, and preparation for witness and service” in Australia.

Despite being surrounded by bushfires (the nearest one was 20 miles away), Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, located in Bungendore (about 18 miles northeast of Canberra) in New South Wales, escaped the flames of the latest Australian wildfires that devastated the region for months starting in November. The prolonged drought, however, took a toll on the landscape. Silver Wattle has several large rainwater tanks with backup bore water, so was able to provide water to tide the animals over until the rains came, restoring habitat, water, and food supply.

Courses offered over the past year covered various topics, including Quakerism and elders, universal spiritual teaching, Celtic spirituality, and Indigenous learning. Additionally silent and end‐of‐year contemplative retreats were held. Upcoming opportunities are detailed on the website.

Silver Wattle offers spiritual nurture to all who visit, not just Quakers, including hosting retreats (Anglican, Catholics, yoga) and groups (Cambodian students, Indigenous writers). The quarterly gardening and land care weeks are one way international visitors can participate in life at Silver Wattle. There’s also a new opportunity for long‐term resident Friends.

Silver Wattle recently installed 57 new solar panels and four inverters to bring our existing system up to 25 kilowatts. As funds appear, the additional batteries needed to complete the system will be installed.