Quaker United Nations Office


With offices in New York City, USA and Geneva, Switzerland, QUNO works with “the UN, multilateral organisations, government delegations, and non-governmental organisations, to achieve changes in international standards and practice.” Their work is known for challenging unjust policies, war, environmental degradation, and more. QUNO is committed to the Quaker testimonies and “look for what seeds of war there may be in all our social, political, and economic relationships.” Click here for more information about the Quaker United Nations Office.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are instrumental in building peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, often serving as the primary peacebuilders in times of conflict and fragility. The Secretary-General’s report on peacebuilding and sustaining peace called for the UN to create system‐wide community engagement guidelines (CEG) to strengthen UN–civil society partnerships. A joint UN–Civil Society Working Group, of which QUNO is one of only three CSO members, has spent the last year leading an innovative process to deliver on this recommendation.

As a joint working group member, QUNO has played a vital role alongside the UN partners to draft and produce the CEG and ensure that civil society is heard and included in the process. To support an inclusive approach, the joint working group consulted with civil society in two exercises: (1) an online survey to learn more from peacebuilders’ experiences and hear their recommendations on how to enhance UN–CSO partnerships, and (2) an online consultation (in partnership with Peace Direct) that provided a platform to test emerging messages and take a closer look at key peacebuilding issues. Through these processes the joint working group heard from over 700 peacebuilders globally whose input directly informed and shaped the CEG.

QUNO will have a part in implementing new practices once the CEG is published in early 2020.