Privacy Policy

Friends Publishing Corporation, a Pennsylvania, USA, nonprofit organization recognized under IRS section 501(c)(3), is the publisher of the websites,, and, which are free to access to anyone worldwide.

FPC collects personal data from customers that is necessary in order to fulfill orders of goods and services, including print and digital publications, email subscriptions, books, DVDs, and other products. FPC may communicate with customers in the regular course of business through email, postal mail, and phone. FPC may contract with third parties to manage our communications (Salesforce, The Better Fundraising Company, Aweber, Sheridan, and Amazon Web Services), sharing only the data necessary for the business activity contracted. For example, in order to fulfill magazine orders, FPC shares customer addresses with Sheridan, our printer/distributor, who transmits the list to the U.S. Postal Service in order to check for changes and accuracy.

FPC will honor any customer’s request to delete, amend, or remove personal data that we retain, within one month. Requests must be submitted by email to [email protected] or by phone to 215–563-8629.

FPC processes credit card transactions through third‐party providers (Stripe and PayPal) in compliance with PCI‐DSS and does not receive or store credit card data submitted by users through the Internet.

FPC uses cookies, Javascript, and trackable URLs to analyze and gain insight from user behavior on our websites, as well as to provide users with desired customer experiences, such as recognizing them as valued customers when they return to our websites. FPC does not provide data about users or user behavior to any outside parties, aside from that data resulting from our use of analytics. Our analytics providers are Automattic, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Quantcast. You may browse our site using Incognito, Private Browsing Mode, or other technology that blocks cookies or disables Javascript, but we do not guarantee the full functionality of our website in those cases.

Advertisements on FPC’s websites do not target users based on their activity on other websites.
We value our users’ trust in us and pledge to be responsive to any concerns users may have. Users may contact FPC’s executive director, Gabriel Ehri, at [email protected], with any concerns.

Updated 8/2020