Jack Powelson

We regret to announce that Jack Powelson, the founder of The Quaker Economist, died on the first day of 2009 after a brief illness. Several years ago Jack wrote his own obituary, which is now TQE #162. His wisdom, experience, and loyal friendship will be deeply missed by all of us on the Editorial Board. — Loren Cobb, editor.

It seems strange to be writing one's own obituary, but that's the way life and death go. When I was in college I chauffeured an elderly retired judge who wrote his own obituary for the newspaper. The least I can do is write mine for The Quaker Economist, the journal I founded eight years ago.

Yes, this is an obituary. I died on January 1, 2009, after a brief illness. I had a good life, and it had to end sometime...

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Publisher: Russ Nelson, St. Lawrence Valley (NY) Friends Meeting.

Editor: Loren Cobb, an independent Friend from Boulder, CO.

Editorial Board:

Chuck Fager, Director, Quaker House, Fayetteville, NC.
Virginia Flagg, San Diego (CA) Friends Meeting.
Valerie Ireland, Boulder (CO) Friends Meeting.
Norval Reece, Newtown (PA) Friends Meeting.
William Rhoads, Germantown (PA) Monthly Meeting.
J.D. Von Pischke, a Friend from Reston, VA.
John Spears, Princeton (NJ) Friends Meeting.
Geoffrey Williams, Attender at New York Fifteenth Street Meeting.

Loren Cobb
Since 2005 the editor and principal writer for The Quaker Economist has been Loren Cobb, an international consultant based in Louisville, Colorado. He describes himself as a Quaker with Buddhist tendencies, a pacifist who has worked with military organizations all over the world, and a mathematician who prefers the social sciences to physics. Currently he is a visiting professor at the University of Colorado Denver, Department of Mathematics. His Erdös number is 4.

An interview with Loren Cobb on Pacifica Radio

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The Quaker Economist was founded in 2001 by Jack Powelson, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Colorado, and a long-time member of the Boulder Friends Meeting. Jack died in 2009 after a brief illness. We miss him.

Prior to July 2002, this electronic journal was known as The Classic Liberal Quaker.

Jack Powelson

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