An Index of Articles on the Iraq War

156: Speaking Truth to Trauma, by Loren Cobb

"Persistent news reports of rapes, torture, and war atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers in Iraq continue to bring us enormous pain and sadness. The facts and rumors filtering out of Iraq are sickening, but I believe there is an alternative to yet another round of blame and guilt, of angry defense and deadpan denial. It concerns trauma. This is a very personal letter, on a matter with which I have too much experience..." [5 Apr 07]

86: A Marshall Plan for Iraq? by Asa Janney

"Many have claimed that this aid sparked the economic recovery of European countries, that it encouraged free enterprise, and boosted the American economy. Also, it is said to have done all this without becoming a toy of U.S. special interest groups. I doubt all these claims..."

72: How Do We Get Out of Iraq? by Jack Powelson

"President Bush and I have different perceptions of how the United States will exit from Iraq..."

56: The War in Iraq: A Threat to Democracy, by Jack Powelson

"One hundred years from now historians will still be questioning how we got into the war with Iraq. They will debate how a country so far on its way to democracy — yet also far from arriving there — reversed course and gave to a single man the power we had taken away from the king..."

64: Why Should we Not Fight in Iraq? by Jack Powelson

"Do we depend on the proposition that it has not yet been proved that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction? Are these our reasons? Not for me they aren't..."

62: The Cost of the War in Iraq, by Jack Powelson

"If there is going to be a war, Quakers ought to be prepared for the cost. The cost will be registered in human lives, property destruction, environmental damage, hatred creation, deterioration of the world economy, and the effect upon our lives..."

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