Swarthmore Friends Meeting  of the Religious Society of Friends









The Friends of Swarthmore Meeting warmly welcomes all!

Worship is every Sunday, 10:00 to (approximately) 11:15 a.m. Please join us for Fellowship which follows.

Address and Directions: 

Address and Phone: Swarthmore Meeting, 12 Whittier Place, Swarthmore PA 19081, 610-328-8699

Directions: Swarthmore Friends Meeting is on the campus of Swarthmore College. Please see the map links below:

Click the following web address for a GoogleŽ map to the Swarthmore Meetinghouse http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&ie=UTF8om=1&q=12+Whittier+Place%2C+Swarthmore+PA+19081

Click the following website for a campus map of Swarthmore College and SEPTA Swarthmore R-3 rail road station www.swarthmore.edu/campusmap/ 

  • By car: Follow Route 320 South as it veers right at the first traffic light. Two blocks later, just after the crest of the hill, turn right on Elm Avenue. This is the North Entrance to Swarthmore College Campus. There is a sign noting the Swarthmore Friends Meetinghouse at the corner. In two more blocks turn left on Whittier Place through the stone gates. Shortly, you will see the Meetinghouse on your left set back on a circle drive. Parking is available along the circle drive and at two campus parking lots off Whittier Place.

  •  Address to use for GPS systems: 12 Whittier Place, Swarthmore, PA.


Visitors can park in the circle around the Meetinghouse.  Also, on weekends people can park in Hicks Parking lot or other close-by lots on campus, even though the signage says that it is for faculty only.

Religious Education and Childcare:

Every Sunday during the school year we have Religious Education (which we call First Day School) for all ages. On the first Sunday of the month, we have a popular program entitled "Faith and Play." During the summer, childcare is provided.

Our Worship*...

... is silent and unprogrammed, and subject to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

...A period of time, perhaps twenty minutes, is used to center into an inward stillness.

...Spoken messages come from the spiritual depth of one's life and from the leading of the Holy Spirit.

...To be absorbed, each message needs to be followed with a period of silence which allows for deepening.

...When the vocal and silent ministry speak to the condition of those present and is developed and deepened in the Truth, a profound sense of spiritual community occurs that freshens and delights.  This is what we call a "gathered Meeting."

...Meeting for Worship ends after about an hour when the head of Meeting, on the facing bench, shakes hands with those nearby.  We then greet those sitting around us in a similar manner.

* excerpted from Friends Meeting of Washington's website: http://quakersdc.org/