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Faith and Play

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First  and Third Sundays


Faith and Play, inspired by Montessori’s Godly Play®, is a uniquely Quaker program created by Friends General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends. It is designed to nurture the lives of our youth to find words and images for expressing their experiences of mystery and wonder. Friends’ values and themes are the topics of the stories. . Faith and Play is sponsored by First Day School

Faith and Play is a uniquely Quaker program, designed to nurture the lives of children and youth, and holds the intention of helping youth find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives. Friend's values and themes are the topics of the stories. For more information,  www.faithandplay.org  

In Faith and Play we actively listen to Quaker story presentations.  Stories are told in a meditative way, using figures and other objects to make the story come alive.  Afterwards, the storyteller leads the group in "wondering" about it, asking open-ended questions that elicit each participant's thoughts and opinions. Faith and Play stories are meant to be engaging and especially meaningful for children, although many adults find them meaningful as well.  Faith and Play is Quaker created, and is modeled after Godly Play, a Montessori method of learning, encouraging children to speak about their spiritual lives. (Photos of Faith and Play by Sharon Gunther.)


Swarthmore Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends First Day School offers Faith and Play from October through March.  This program is designed for people from three- to twelve-years-old. Holding the intention of helping children find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives, we begin Faith and Play! This program, created by Friends General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends.  By creating a safe and welcoming environment that is conducive to wonder and worship, we aim to nurture the spiritual lives of children.  This is an experiential open-ended way to share with youth from ages three and up, Friends' values and themes.

Each topic is given the first Sunday of the month, and then repeated the next month. This gives an opportunity for continued pondering, wondering, learning, and sharing.  Promptness helps for settling together in readiness as a group.

If adults wish to witness the session, come before 10:00 a.m., and quietly sit near the door of the Faith and Play room.

Having participated in the required training, Sharon Gunther will be leading, with support from Rich and Jinny Schiffer, and Shelley Costa.  There has been a special classroom outfitted with many Faith and Play items. Please check Faith and Play's website for further insight: www.faithandplay.org