Swarthmore Friends Meeting 

     of the Religious Society of Friends

Charles Cryer, 6/2/2009
Betty Dickason, 7/27/2011
Robert Hayden, 2/1/2012
John Honnold, 1/21/2011
Cornelia McCurdy, 10/28/2010
Curt Parker, 2/28/2011
Helen Pennock, 4/20/2010
Richard Lee Raymond, 6/14/2009
Holley Webster, 5/22/2007
Robert A. Wilson, 3/15/2008









Memorial Minutes for Swarthmore Members

No Meeting member should slip away unremembered and un-mourned.  In addition to a Memorial Meeting, the Monthly Meeting will frequently wish to prepare a Memorial Minute as a lasting testament of its appreciation of the life and service of the departed member.  The Minute is a brief biography, and may also serve as an historical documentation of the member's relationships to other members and to the institutions of the Society of Friends.

To the right are listed Swarthmore Members for whom we have recently written Memorial Minutes. Please click on their names to read their Memorial Minutes.