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Fiction, essays

TBOF = The Best of Friends
QAOL = Quaker Arts Online
All others from Types & Shadows


Bates, Juliana Blom
Meeting for business   (poem)
The Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting Renga
Cattell, Maria
Memories: September 11, 2001
Fisher, Ebon
Gaffron, Margie
In an Amish Cornfield (TBOF)
Hafez [Shams-ud-din Muhammad], died 1388
Do Not Be Consumed by Grief   (translated from Persian by George Mürer)
Horn, Helen Weaver
My Grandma Knew What She Was Doing (poem, TBOF)
Jacobs, Ruth Harriet
Dry Spell
Kriebel, John Armstrong (1924-2001)
News Flash
Lohmann, Jeanne
Meeting for Worship  (QAOL)
Mürer, Esther Greenleaf
the powers speak
Recessional 1982
Parritt, Sue
Homecoming: for David and Ben
Parsley, Jamie
Revelation   (after a poem by Angel Gonzalez)
Ravndal, Jeneal Turnbull
Season's Greetings
Swarthmore Crop Walk (TBOF)
Rawlins, Winifred (1907-1997)
The fire in the snow
Sin is denying poem
The vacuum cleaner's growling
Saffer-Campbell, Sherita
Noah's Wife (TBOF)
Schultz, Elizabeth A.
Days of Reckoning
Konza Prairie
The river Tate
Shapiro, Marian Kaplun
September 11, 2001: Here on Earth (before/after)
Smith, Charleen
Psalm for Our Days
Stetser, Virginia Masland
Everybody waits
The Mind of God
Zhang, Candace Rodman
Quaker Grey  (QAOL)
Hope Well  (QAOL)

Prose (other than T&S articles)

Cameron, Dee Birch
Giving It Away (essay, TBOF)
Gilpin, Marillen O.
Some Thoughts on Forgiving  (essay, QAOL)
Gordon, Kathryn
A Mystical Weekend (essay, QAOL)
Miller, John
The Pariahs   (short story, TBOF)
Parritt, Sue
Joe’s Story   (short story, TBOF)
Poppe, Cyhthia
The Otter Invasion  (essay, QAOL)
Schiel, Skip
A Story of Asian Toilets   (essay, QAOL)
Sieber, Ann
Jan de Hartog—A Captain on the Ocean of Light and Love (TBOF)
Wilson, Lloyd Lee Encounter with the Taproot  (essay, QAOL)
Zimmer, Bonnie
On Speaking Truth (TBOF)

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