Types & Shadows
Issue #24, WINTER 2001-2002

"Therefore choose life": A CALL TO ARTS

A new feature of Types & Shadows inspired by the events of Ninth Month 11, 2001.


Issue 24, Winter 2001-02 — Part 2
Trudy Myrrh Reagan:  Por Siempre Esperanza   (woodcut)
Hafez, d 1388:  Do Not Be Consumed by Grief   (ghazal translated by George Mürer)
Elizabeth A. Schultz  Konza Prairie and Meanwhile   (poems)
Esther Greenleaf Mürer:    ;the powers speak  (poem)
Janet Lowe:  Coil pots   (photo)
A CALL TO ARTS: Issue 24, Part 1  |  Issue 23

Siempre Esperanza
"Por Siempre Esperanza" (Hope Springs Eternal). Woodcut by Trudy Myrrh Reagan, Palo Alto (CA) MM." Available on a T-Shirt to benefit El Salvador earthquake relief.

Myrrh has pledged to raise $3000 to build a house in El Salvador by selling her art. Art for sale is shown on her web site at:


Do Not Be Consumed By Grief

a ghazal by Hafez [Shams-ud-din Muhammad], died 1388
A rough translation from the Persian by George Mürer, Brooklyn, NY

Joseph who has lost his way is coming again to Canaan, do not be consumed by grief;
Melancholy hovels will become a rose garden one day, do not be consumed by grief.

O grief-stricken heart, you will get better, do not do evil,
And this confused head will come again to order, do not be consumed by grief.

If it is the springtime of life again on the throne of a field,
Seek shelter under a rose, O well-intentioned bird, do not be consumed by grief.

The turning of the heavens turns and has not abandoned our longings for a day;
the state of the revolutions is not always the same, do not be consumed by grief.

Take care that you do not become hopeless when you are not aware of the secrets of the absent;
There are within the veil hidden dealings, do not be consumed with grief.

O heart, if the flood of the annihilation of the foundations of being swells up,
do not be consumed by grief since Noah is your ship's captain in the typhoon.

If you would set foot in the desert fueled by longing for the ka'aba,
if the Arabian thorns rebuke you, do not be consumed by grief.

Even if the home become fraught with danger and what is desired be far away,
there is no road without an end do not be consumed by grief.

Our state is characterized by the separation of dear ones and the certainty of adversity;
in all God knows the state of the heavens, do not be concerned with grief.

O Hafez, dim nights in an impoverished and desolate corner,
as long as the prayers are recited and the Qur'an is studied do not be consumed by grief.

Two Poems by Elizabeth A. Schultz
Oread MM, Lawrence KS

Konza Prairie

September 15, 2001

The prairie swept me away, wave upon wave
Of green, rising and falling in the mist.
I paused, spindrift on a limestone crest,
To let the prairie float me, dissolved,
Out to the distant edge, then dash me back
To this hard point, where sky and land
Conspired to pin me under a glare of silence
In the turning and aching world, permitting me
At last to descend into a trough of flowers.


pots by Janet Lowe, Central Philadelphia MM

Coil pots, hand-built and carved by Janet Lowe, Central Philadelphia (PA) MM. Photo by John Carlano.


In Sarajevo's Sniper Alley,
He took his seat at dusk,
The cello set before him.
Embracing it like a lover,
He played by heart, music
Slipping through crevices
Of walls and souls.

In Cambodia's killing fields,
She was beaten for insolence,
Murmuring a song of nostalgia
And swinging her machete,
Like a golden scepter.
Afterwards as bodies filled
Ditches, she danced in her
Dreams: Remembering how
Lovely Queen Neang Seda,
Held captive by ogres,
Terrorized by fire,
Swiveled on one foot,
Holding truth and beauty
Aloft in her arms
Like a chalice.

In Palestine's Ramallah,
Mothers send their children
Down the dusty road to school;
In Jerusalem, wives kiss
Their husbands farewell
As they hop the bus to work.
On the flaming towers
of Troy, Andromacha held
Her giggling baby boy
Up to the sky
For all to see.

the powers speak

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