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Outreach and Resources


In the Quaker tradition, an epistle is a letter of greeting or with a specific message generally crafted in a Yearly Meeting session and sent to other Yearly Meetings.
The FLGBTQC faith community often drafts epistles during our twice-yearly gatherings and distributes them widely to Yearly Meetings and other groups around the world.

Our most recent Epistle was crafted during the 2015 Midwinter Gathering held in Burlington, NJ.
You can read a number of our past Epistles here.

Collection of Marriage Minutes

These Marriage Minutes regarding same-sex marriages and other committment ceremonies have been collected by members of the FLGBTQC faith community. If you know of additional minutes you would like to see added, please email them to the Website Editors

Collection of Minutes in Support of Transgender Concerns

This is a page on the FLGBTQC website collecting minutes welcoming and affirming transgender people. Friends are encouraged to contact Meetings, and to send information about Meetings which have passed such minutes already. It is our hope that this page will serve as a witness to the growing tradition of Friends Meetings doing the inner work to create welcoming communities for seekers of all genders and publicly identifying that they have done so.


Our Newsletter is published roughly three times a year. It is received by 900 individuals and Meetings worldwide.


This pamphlet will be frequently updated in response to feedback. Please check back here for the latest version. And please send us feedback, especially comments from people who aren't already familiar with us. If you are able, please print on purple paper for consistency of appearance.

  1. Word document: includes a template for customizing for a Meeting, School or Quaker organization.
  2. PDF: ready to print without customization (two-sided).

Email List

If you are known to FLGBTQC (you have been to one of our Gatherings), you can email the list manager, Rebecca Sullivan to be added to our email list. It averages 3-4 emails a day.
From our Frequently Asked Questions file:
"This [email list] is a way for FLGBTQC Friends and supporters to stay in touch with each other between gatherings. It is, to use John Calvi's analogy, a way for us to gather at the community store to exchange news, gossip, spiritual journeys, ask for prayers and guidance, and to do FLGBTQC business in an informal way."
"Think of this list as a form of Quaker dialogue. We do not debate here. Most of the things you post should clearly communicate who *you* are... share what has been true for you, with as much personal detail as you have the courage to muster."

Each of Us Inevitable

Each of Us Inevitable : Some Keynote Addresses given at FLGC Mid-Winter and Other Gatherings, 1977-1993.
A collection of talks about coming to terms with one's identity and direction. Edited by Robert Leuze.
A newly expanded 2nd-edition is available in print from the FGC Bookstore, and from Pendle Hill if you'd like to contact them or look in their latest printed catalog.