Friends World Committee for Consultation (Section of the Americas)


In February, Friends gathered at four regional meetings of FWCC representatives and other interested Friends. They met in Seattle, Wash., for the Northwest region (of North America); in Miami, Fla., for the Southeast region; in El Salvador for Central America; and in La Paz, Bolivia, for South America. They shared current concerns within their respective yearly meetings, fellowshipped with like‐minded Friends from across the yearly meetings in their region, joined together in meals and worship, and trained new representatives to FWCC.

Ruben Maydana and Agustina Callejas started training the 2020 cohort of the Traveling Ministry Corps (TMC) for the South American TMC members in Tacna, Peru, in January. Bill Schoder‐Ehri and Minga Claggett‐Borne trained the North Americans in March in Worcester, Mass. The final training led by Cristela Martinez and Enrique Jovel for Central America and Cuba was held in Metapan, El Salvador.

Jhoana Ramos, a new minister from Peru wrote, “We each shared how our ministry began, the good and bad moments through which God never forsaken us, and how, thanks to all these experiences, today we are part of the same body. The many yearly meetings in the Section of the Americas have different forms of worship, but we share the same concerns. Whatever yearly meeting we belong to, we are from the same family, that is, we are Quakers.”