Friends Council on Education

Friends Council on Education brings together all 78 Quaker primary schools in the United States. Their “role is to both bring schools together to share resources and best practices, and to distribute programming and resources to schools as needed…shar[ing] a common commitment to Quaker principles and practices and to educating children to become the moral citizens William Penn envisioned when he started the first Quaker schools over 328 years ago.”

Friends Council on Education offers programs that nurture the Quaker character of Friends schools and foster equity, community, and social justice.

New this year is a Quakerism 101 workshop for parents at Friends schools. Several schools in New York have participated and additional offerings are to come.

In February a host of Friends school educators participated in the National Association of Independent School annual conference in Philadelphia, Pa. Workshops by Friends Council staff included, among others, “Breaking the Bonds of Bias in Hiring” and “Creating Inclusive Environments for Transgender and Nonbinary Students.” Workshops by educators in Friends schools included “Mastery Learning Journey for Culturally Responsive White Leaders” and “The Power of Place in Defining Your School’s Educational Niche.”

In 2019–20, Friends Council distributed tuition aid to 197 Quaker children in 34 Friends schools through the National Friends Education Fund, which serves to assist Quaker families in sending their children to Friends schools.

The ninth cohorts for two leadership developed programs—Institute for Engaging Leadership in Friends Schools, and Spirited Practice and Renewed Courage—have been selected and are currently engaged in their respective two‐year cycle. Program graduates often go on to accept leadership positions in Friends schools, including school headships.

Friends Council continues to provide counsel to school trustees around strategic planning, Quaker decision making, and more.