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  • If you have furniture items that need to be picked up, call the Office, (610) 328-8699. 
  • Now is the time to start getting ready for Jumble 
  • Start looking around your house (any your neighbor’s house) for great Jumble donations. Know someone who is downsizing? Jumble is a perfect way to get rid of the stuff you/they no longer need. If you have furniture items that need to be picked up, call the Office, (610) 328-8699. 
  • Start saving your plastic bags, newspapers, and quart/pint containers for soup. 

  • Decide what you will be baking for the Country Store. 

  • Tell your friends & family about Jumble and make sure you join us!

 Submitted 9/23/2012, by Barbara BurgerLentz, Clerk of Jumble Sale Committee 



Photos: Jumble October 23, 2010






































Why We Jumble

 For over fifty years, Swarthmore Friends Meeting has held its annual Jumble Sale at the Meetinghouse on the Swarthmore College campus.  The featured departments have grown over the years to now include the silent auction, (which features vacation homes, dining and entertainment opportunities, and antiques),  books (The BookMark), furniture (Friendly Furnishings), housewares (Not Martha Stewart), linens (Grateful Thread), baked goods (Country Store), plants (Garden Spot), tools (Ed’s Tools), and more.  It has been an ideal place to find bargains and delightful treasures.

The Jumble Sale is more than just a means to raise money, although that is an important goal.  The Jumble Sale is an opportunity to REUSE and RECYCLE.  By giving a second life to our no-longer-treasured stuff, we extend the life of these material goods while simultaneously decreasing the energy, space and environmental burden of those items entering the solid waste industry.  It is an opportunity to make from old treasures, new treasures for those who need to stretch their dollars.  

Building community is another benefit. The Meeting spends months sorting; pricing, and arranging; and all members of the meeting community find that this labor strengthens our ties to one another.  Jumble extends our ties to the community at large.  The items that remain at the close of the sale also represent opportunities to give assistance to others, for we usually donate leftover books to schools, prisons, and homes for the elderly.  Our Jumble lunch welcomes the community in for fellowship in the Quaker Café over such great warm hardy food as our famous McKinistry Mushroom Soup, apple cider donuts, corn bread and yummy chili (vegetarian and meated). This year our Quaker Cafe will be adorned with works of Fine Art, available for sale, from artists in the Meeting Community.

The food we serve at the Quaker Café used locally sourced ingredients to the greatest extent possible,  The mushrooms for the McKinstry Mushroom Soup come from local growers in southern Chester County and we purchase our apple cider and cider doughnuts from local producers using local apples.  Meeting members make all the food (except the donuts and cider) and much of the herbs and vegetables come from local CSAs, local farms and backyard gardens.  

Finally, the Jumble Sale provides money for the Meeting to carry out programs of the Society of Friends: Money goes to support our cooking for the homeless program.  It also supports the efforts of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and the American Friends Service Committee centered on peace and social justice around the world.  We feel the work we do is love made visible.

We thank you for your support with your donations, and we hope you will continue to donate those things that are still usable, but that you no longer need.  We welcome all to this annual event.



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