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Quakers have published extensively in the past, and continue to do so. In addition to the William Penn Lectures, the Pendle Hill Pamphlets, and the pamphlets of the Quaker Universalist Fellowship, a number of lectures have been sponsored by various organizations in this country and elsewhere. This section collects these materials as they are found and made available to the world on the web.

Scanning and posting these pamphlets is an on-going project, and additional pamphlets will be added to this website. You can be notified when additions are made by sending email to [email protected]

  • Quakerism and Politics
    By Frederick B. Tolles
    The Ward Lecture, 1956

    There are the two poles that Tolles discusses in this pamphlet. He views the history of Quakerism as an oscillation between extremes, and the main purpose of his lecture "is to trace historically the path of that oscillation, to underline some of the dilemmas in which Friends have found themselves in relation to politics, and, if possible, to draw from the record some conclusions which may have contemporary relevance." ...More

  • The Doctrines of Elias Hicks
    By Samuel M. Janney
    A Chapter from the History of the Religious Society of Friends, 1867

    'Hicksite' Friends are held responsible by some for the Quaker schism of 1827-28. After this separation Elias Hicks's followers called themselves the Liberal branch of the Society of Friends, but orthodox Quakers labeled them Hicksites. Both the name and the philosophy of this branch of Quakerism continue today in 'unprogrammed' meetings, many of which are currently associated with Friends General Conference. Unfortunately the theology or doctrines preached by Elias Hicks are not easily accessible today, and it is important to have the words of this foundational Quaker made available again. ...More

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