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. . . I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost

Meeting for Worship

Quaker worship is designed to let God teach and transform the worshippers. A Quaker Meeting for Worship is based on silence; a silence of waiting and listening. Worshippers seek their own direct experience with God in a shared experience. In the quiet, we can become aware of deep and powerful spirit of love and truth which transcends our day to day experiences. We support each other as we seek insight, inspiration and guidance, both in our own lives and our lives together. Since each of us has direct access to God, there are no priests or ministers. In Quakerism, there are no special rituals or prescribed prayers that can add to an individuals spiritual experience.

If during worship, someone feels moved by the spirit to say something, which will deepen and enrich the worship experience, the silence may be broken for a moment. A shared message becomes ministry: a spiritual food for our minds, hearts and souls. The message might be meant for a few worshipers, or just the speaker. Individual worshipers discern for themselves if any shared message is for them.

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