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1815 - Frankford Meeting officially set up per a minute from Abington Quarterly Meeting

1827 - The Meeting split with the greatest number of members following the teaching of Elias Hicks, the remaining "Orthodox" Quaker members met at the home of Robert Waln.

1832 - Land was purchased on Smith's Lane (now Orthodox Street, so named because Frankford Meeting was an Orthodox Quaker Meeting) west of Frankford Avenue.

1833 - The first meeting in the new meeting-house was on the first day of the First month 1833.

1868 - A separate building was built for the school which previously was conducted on the second floor of the meeting-house.  The meeting-house was altered and enlarged, the second story was removed, thereby giving greater height to the meeting room.

1924-25 - A social room was added to the meeting-house.


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