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Frankford Meeting is located in an urban setting.  There is a group of approximately 50 members and attenders who are dedicated to working towards the continued health and growth of the meeting.    

Frankford Meeting also has a school under its care.  Frankford Friends School is a Pre-Kindergarten (ages 4 & 5) through 8th Grade that has been providing Quaker education since 1833.  Find more information at:


Meeting for Worship

First Day (Sunday) 10:30AM

First Day School

10:30 AM

Meeting Phone:

(215) 241-1146
(leave a message – we will return your call as soon as possible)


[email protected]


1500 Orthodox Street 
Philadelphia, PA  19124-3606

Special Interests:  

  • Frankford Meeting is an active participant in the Frankford Group Ministry, a multi-denominational group of clergy dedicated to the betterment of those who live in the Frankford area.  
  • Outreach: 
  • Northeast Committee on Homelessness.  FMM is one of several religious organizations that are involved in feeding the homeless on Saturday when the Salvation Army's Soup Kitchen is not open.


Our Meeting’s Library

  • We have a small library in the back of the meeting house for the use of Friends who are part of our community.  The holdings of the library are (very) slowly, but surely being added to  You can watch our collection grow at:
  • Our Library is on the honor system.  We hope Friends will remember that others may want to read the book.
  • We are currently accepting donations of relevant books and materials.



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