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Ailie Culture Speak! Gallery: Transformational art by Ailie
Roger M. Aldridge Roger M. Aldridge links to my composer’s page at the American Music Center. The compositions tab leads to a selection of my work. It includes the new Buzzards in Love piece for wind ensemble, a number of scores I wrote for my 10-piece contemporary music ensemble B-WOB, and some original tunes in various styles.
Sondra Ball Sondra Ball: contains "Autumn Leaves, an online poetry journal" and a large collection of Native American links
Lois Barton West by Northwest: Bimonthly online magazine to which Lois Barton, a local historian now in her eighties, contributes a regular column, "The Sunnyside of Spencer Butte."
Judith E Bush Grey-cat.com          Paw Prints: Creative endeavors of Judith E Bush
Keith Calmes www.keithcalmes.com   Guitarist/guitar teacher/composer
Margery Coffey Margery Coffey: presented by Black Prairie Dog Woman Studios in conjunction with Jackalope Arts. Complex multicultural site with special focus on Native American issues. Sections on censorship in Nebraska and Coffey's post-9/11 protest art.
Peter G. Cohen Peter G. Cohen: Virtual Gallery
Patricia Lynn Davis Landscapes Of The Mind
Margaret Slavin Dyment

Write away!Writers services, courses, the Victoria School of Writing, information about Margaret's short story collection, Drawing the Spaces.

Margaret Slavin's Travels under the care of Canadian Yearly Meeting's Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel http://www.quaker.ca/cmmc/slavin.html

Chuck Fager Kimo Press
Quaker Theology  Online archive of a journal edited by Chuck
Quaker House at Fayetteville, NC
Sabrina Sigal Falls Sabrina Falls, Celtic harpist
Thomas Farley Spontaneous Combustion: "storytelling and story writing for all ages"
AlulA, Bionic codes, Media rituals
Roberta Foss robertafoss.com paintings
Terry Foss terryfossphoto.com photographs
Aaron Fowler Roomdad Productions: "Music, storytelling and life skills for students K-12"
Friends Journal Friends Journal: Quaker thought and life today
Friends Music Camp Friends Music Camp:
Chris Bergquist Fulmer Art by Chris Fulmer: mixed media work using paper, acrylic, and found objects.
Joe Godleski

Joe Godleski's blogspot Brunswick Maine Artist - Work, Play, Observation, Comment

Anne K. Griffith Anne K. Griffith: Paintings
Bill Harley Bill Harley: Storyteller, songwriter, author, performer
Jules Herron Pond Studio
Janet Lowe Janet Lowe Coil Pots
Sharon L. Mason Sharon L. Mason: Artist's statement and sample works
Skip Mendler This Friend's Electric: a variety of "serious silliness", much of it political, and some not so silly
David Morse The Iron Bridge Reviews and background for a novel which combines sci fi with Quaker (and industrial) history
Alfred Muma Alfred Muma: Artist's bio and sample paintings
Esther Greenleaf Mürer

Jens Bjørneboe in English Works by and about Norwegian writer, mostly translated by Esther Greenleaf Mürer.
Quaker Bible Index Info about comprehensive Scripture index to early Quaker works
Quakers and the Arts Historical Sourcebook Writings about the history of Friends relation to the arts, significant historical documents, Quaker artists, writers etc. of the past
Esther Greenleaf Mürer's poetry website

Quaker Arts Network Quaker Arts Network   (Britain Yearly Meeting)
Blair Seitz www.BlairSeitz.com Over 60,000 images of Pennsylvania and South Jersey by photographer Blair Seitz
Kathleen Sheehan Healing and Arts : Art created by Kathleen Sheehan, Playful Cottage Art Center
Playful Cottage Arts: Drawing classes
Marcy Jean Stacey-Rebérdy marcy.carbonmade.com/
Elizabeth D. Staz Elizabeth Staz: Paintings
James Turrell Roden Crater
Jon Watts www.jonwatts.com
Jennifer Snow Wolff Snowolff Designs: Quaker Wedding Certificates

"Letting our lives speak through the arts"

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